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Welcome to Gorilla Trekking Rwanda, the adventure tour company that has become a house hold name in organizing gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Boasting with over 5 years of Experience, Rwanda Gorilla Tours provides the absolute gorilla trekking experience as well as nature and culture-oriented tours into Albertine equatorial region of East Africa. Since time immemorial, we have delivered memorable adventures with expert guidance to thousands of vacationers to Uganda, Rwanda, DR Congo, Kenya and Tanzania

Safaris in Rwanda

We are an African Tour Operator based in Kigali city, Rwanda. We organize Gorilla Trekking Safaris in Rwanda, D.R. Congo and Uganda since 2015 and still creating new exciting safaris that include African wildlife, culture and people, nature, history and the most attractive tour activity.

African Safaris

At AfriTrek Safaris Rwanda, we cater for the travelers seeking an exclusive, highly enlightening and memorable Safari experience. With our expertise, we handle fantastic outdoor Safaris to all touristic destinations in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania find the best unbeatable spots on a fair rate.

Gorilla Trekking Rwanda

The highlight of Africa Safaris, Gorilla Trekking Tours are conducted in Volcanoes National park in Rwanda. Our Mountain Gorilla trips range from single day tours to multiple days Gorilla trek and Primates in Volcanoes such as the famous Golden Monkeys. You can choose to double track mountain gorillas visiting different families or choose to have another experience in neighboring Uganda in Mgahinga Gorilla National park or Bwindi impenetrable forest NP and alternatively Virunga National Park of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Rwanda Wildlife Safaris.

These are best done in Akagera National Park Rwanda. The park has open Savannah grasslands that will give an additional advantage to watch the mammals that make Akagera national park their home. Savannah Elephants, Kobs, impalas, Warthogs, giraffes, hippos and the king of jungle, Lions can also be spotted in Akagera National Park. Alternatively we take you to Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park where you can still watch more mammals. These include the Elephants, buffaloes, tree-climbing lions in Ishasha, leopards, a boat trip on Kazinga Channel where you will watch the crocodiles, Water birds such as the papyrus yellow warbler, African fin foot, saddle billed stork, brown chested wattled plover among others.

Primate Tracking Safaris

These include the 13 species of primates together with the famous Chimpanzees. Primate watching is best done in Nyungwe National park of Rwanda and the Kibale forest National Park Uganda. Here you have 90% chances to have a glance to these primates. Vervet monkeys, and the Golden monkeys catch most visitors attention to watch.

Rwanda Bird Watching Safaris

Rwanda lies in the ages of the Congo basin with high precipitation throughout the year, it has many natural forests, rivers and swamps. Such environment attracts thousands of bird species and they make Rwanda a perfect place to be. Birding spots in Rwanda include Nyungwe National park, Akagera National park and the Virunga mountain ranges. For bird lovers, this is a birds’ haven.